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ages 12-18
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compassion in action #
bullying prevention Inspired by Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Prepares students to live with compassion in a multicultural world with an exciting program that explores bullying from the personal, social, and institutional perspectives, building skills and understanding, and providing insights from heroes of peace from around the world.

ages 5-11
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peacejam juniors #
adventures in literacy and leadership

Introduces young learners to the world through engaging literacy-based lessons that explore the lands, lives, cultures, and lessons of 13 heroes of peace with a step-by-step guide for engaging young students in service.

ages 11-14
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peacejam leaders #
fostering leadership & positive Identity

Meets the unique needs of adolescents by encouraging them to explore their own identities and their life choices while developing problem-solving skills to help others - inspired by the harrowing stories of 13 heroes of peace.

ages 14-18
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peacejam ambassadors #
nobels mentoring youth to change the world

Explores issues of peace and violence, identity and difference, and case studies of the 13 change-makers, giving teenagers the tools they need to create positive change in the themselves and their communities. Students also have the life-changing opportunity to participate in a PeaceJam Conference with a Nobel - Visit event page

at risk youth
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juvenile justice#
Rethinking life choices & personal power

Channeling the struggles of Nobels to support students in the juvenile justice system to learn civic responsibility, reconciliation, and leadership while challenging them to rewrite their life stories and learn the power of peace.

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peacejam scholars #
take action on your campus - start a peacejam university club

Nobel Peace Prize winners inspire students to apply their scholarly work and skills to address pressing issues in their communities and world, and to mentor younger students to become global citizens.