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1st International
PeaceJam Special Jury Prize
Monte Carlo T.V. Festival

Competition rewards the best TV series or documentary that embodies the  1 One Billion Acts of Peace Campaign and/or the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Registrations are open. The deadline for submission is May 1, 2017.

The Pre-Selection Jury will choose up to 5 finalists to be considered by the Inaugural Jury. These finalists will be promoted on the PeaceJam and 1 One Billion Acts websites and social media channels, thus receiving global recognition.

The Inaugural Jury, composed of TV professionals and distinguished personalities from all over the world, designates the winner during the prestigious Golden Nymph Ceremony at the 57th Monte-Carlo Television Festival. The Inaugural Jury will be presided by a personality known for their action in the fields of philanthropy, culture, entertainment, politics, science or media.

The competition is open to all the public and private television organizations as well as to the associations and institutions which devote themselves to the audiovisual, with a limit of 2 entries from the same source.

The participants are invited to submit their documentaries as from now, and without any entry fee, until May 1st, 2017. The PeaceJam Special Jury prize rewards TV series or documentaries which stand out by not only their technical and editorial quality, but also by the originality of the subject and of the expressed point of view.

The Jury Prize favors the expression of the humanistic values of tolerance, conflict resolution, mutual respect, peace, and understanding between peoples.